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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH] libxc, libxenstore: make the headers C++-friendly

+#ifdef __cplusplus
+extern "C" {

The Xen public headers are in C, not C++. Doesn't this kind of
boilerplace belong in the C++ file that's trying to include a C header?

That's the whole point, if they were in C++ there would have been no need for the extern "C". It is, of course, possible to to this from your C++ code:

extern "C" {
#include <C_header.h>

However, most well-behaved C libraries do that for all their headers.
A few random examples on my Arch Linux system:

$ grep __cplusplus zlib.h
#ifdef __cplusplus
#ifdef __cplusplus

$ grep __cplusplus xvid.h
#ifdef __cplusplus
#ifdef __cplusplus

$ grep __cplusplus lzx.h
#ifdef __cplusplus
#ifdef __cplusplus

$ grep __cplusplus curses.h
#if defined(__cplusplus)        /* __cplusplus, etc. */
#endif /* !__cplusplus, etc. */
#ifdef __cplusplus
#ifdef __cplusplus

Pretty much all of them.

Razvan Cojocaru

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