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[Xen-devel] QEMU: Enabling live-migrate on HVM on qemu-xen device model in 4.2

This patch series consists of 2 parts:
* 5 patches to QEMU
* 11 patches to libxl

These patches enable live-migrate on HVM using the upstream qemu-xen
device model under Xen 4.2. Currently this is unimplemented. In the
main they are backports of patches in xen-unstable, thought the
QEMU side in particular needed some fiddling.

The patches are the same as previously submitted under the same
subject line as a 'request for comment', save that:

1. An additional obviously-correct patch has been added as the
   11th patch to libxl, where a parameter was always being passed
   as NULL.

2. They are now tested in our environment. With that test case,
   live migrate works as well as it did under 4.1 with the previous
   qemu device model. I do not claim all use cases are tested.

I would suggest these patches should be included in 4.2.2.

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