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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH] Provide support for multiple frame buffers in Xen

At 10:11 -0500 on 16 Jan (1358331063), Robert Phillips wrote:
> Support is provided for both shadow and hardware assisted paging (HAP)
> modes. This code bookkeeps the set of video frame buffers (vram),
> detects when the guest has modified any of those buffers and, upon request,
> returns a bitmap of the modified pages.
> This lets other software components re-paint the portions of the monitor
> (or monitors) that have changed.
> Each monitor has a frame buffer of some size at some position
> in guest physical memory.
> The set of frame buffers being tracked can change over time as monitors
> are plugged and unplugged.
> Signed-Off-By: Robert Phillips <robert.phillips@xxxxxxxxxx>

Applied, thanks. 


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