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Re: [Xen-devel] Xen 4.3 development update, and stock-taking

On Wed, 2013-01-16 at 17:55 +0000, George Dunlap wrote:
> Below is a summary of the projects / features being worked on for the
> 4.3 time frame.  The tentative feature freeze is scheduled for 25
> March, which is just over 2 months away.  With that in mind, I think
> it's time to take stock of the development, so we know whether to ask
> for more help or divert resources.
> To that end, I've added a line called "prognosis", indicating the
> likelihood of completion in the 4.3 timeframe.  For items involving
> code hosted on the Xen.org site (including qemu-xen), that means a
> likelihood of having the feature code-complete and mostly working by
> the feature freeze.  (It's OK if there are still bugs to be worked
> out.)  For items in Linux, I think it would mean having items on track
> to make it into the kernel released just after the scheduled 4.3 time
> frame.  Not sure what that means for libvirt. :-)
> I've given ratings to projects that I thought I had some insight on,
> but I would appreciate if everyone could review these and let me know
> if they're not accurate.
> I'd particularly appreciate it if the people listed below could give
> prognoses on the project listed.
> Meanings of prognoses:
> - Excellent: It would be very unlikely for this not to be finished in
> time.
> - Good: Everything is on track, and is likely to make it.
> - Fair: A pretty good chance of making it, but not as certain
> - Poor: Likely not to make it unless intervention is made
> - Not for 4.3: self-explanatory
> Mukesh Rathor: PVH
> Wei: Event channel scalability

I think I will rate my project as Good. Will send another RFC seires
(hopefully two) by the end of this month. But this is my first time to
estimate a real world project though.


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