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Re: [Xen-devel] xen4.2 + qemu-upstream domain rename partial failure (& migration)

On Sat, 2013-01-12 at 10:26 +0000, Alex Bligh wrote:
> So, to be clear, it's renaming in xenstore (and xl list) but not the
> rename is not being transmitted to qemu to affect (e.g.) the vnc name.
> Hence after a migration, "--incoming" gets stuck on the end of the VNC
> name even when a migration is successful.

Yes, this is a known issue unfortunately.

> I don't really understand how this is meant to work. Should something
> be setting a watch on the xenstore "name" element? Or should libxl be
> issuing QMP command on the name change?

Assuming such a QMP command exists this would be the right thing to do I

> Or is this just doomed to fail? In which case the name passed as -name
> to the QEMU command line should probably be the original name, not the
> name with "--incoming" on on a migration, and 'xl rename' is just going
> to fail to change it.

Yes, this approach has a couple of problems, firstly the "xl rename" one
you've identified but secondly the renaming is all contained within xl
and the libxl API has to way to express a different name to pass to the
device model. The QMP renaming approach is probably best.

> Code inspection suggests this is no different in xen-unstable but I
> haven't tried it.

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