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[Xen-devel] Fwd: [User Question] Correct XSM/FLASK ruleset for oxenstored

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Date: 2013/1/11
Subject: Fwd: [User Question] Correct XSM/FLASK ruleset for oxenstored
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Date: 2013/1/11
Subject: RE: [User Question] Correct XSM/FLASK ruleset for oxenstored
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Unfortunately I’ve not had a chance to play with XSM/FLASK just yet so I don’t have an XSM configuration lying around.


I recommend asking over on xen-users@xxxxxxxxxxxxx


Good luck!




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Subject: [User Question] Correct XSM/FLASK ruleset for oxenstored


Hello all,

I am actually working on Dom0 disaggregation and wan't to use an oxenstored stubdomain. But I have a problem to write the needed XSM/FLASK rule/rules. So I understood that this rules are written like SELinux rules so a defined application has a defined right. And for oxenstored the domctl getdomaininfo right must be given. So I have builded the oxenstored stubdom already like explained here: http://www.openmirage.org/blog/xenstore-stub-domain and I am also running on Linux 3.7.1 with pv_ops enabled. So I just need help to get good XSM/FLASK files. Would be great to see an example for such a rule or something like that.

Best Regards


its a Question about XSM/FLASK and oxenstored, details in the messages above. I also have forwarded this to the xen-users mailinglist but got no reply and the documentation of XSM/FLASK in the wiki is very short so I am realy unsure how to do it right.

Best Regards

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