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[Xen-devel] [PATCH 0/3] osstest: minor fixlets for standalone mode

A couple of pretty minor fixes which improve standalone mode for me (I
have a machine next to my desk with VGA but no serial which I wanted to
install Wheezy on). Plus set a default password for guests.

  ts-host-install/Debian: improvements for standalone mode.
  OssTest: Debian: Wheezy compatible preseed.
  ts-debian-install: Set a default root password

These are all based on the standalone branch of osstest.git.

In my ~/.xen-osstest/config I have (along with the usual stuff):

DebianSuite wheezy
HostProp_h09_NoSerial 1
HostProp_h09_Suite wheezy
HostProp_h09_DIFrontend newt

Ideally I would like to be able to choose DebianSuite on a per-host
basis, either at ./ts-host-install time (best) or by just the
HostProp_<host>_<Suite> setting.

I needed to also set DebianSuite because standalone-reset downloads that
version of d-i to the PXE space. Also since the path it uses under
doesn't include the suite I also needed to blow
away /usr/groups/netboot/ianc/osstest/ before running standalone-reset.


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