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[Xen-devel] vTPM setup problem on the emulator


I tried to install the vTPM in Xen-4.1.0 + Dom0 kernel + DomU kernel The device is TPM emulator.
However, I  encountered several problems.

1. In DomU, I run "modprobe tpm_xenu" successfully. But it doesn't creates the /dev/tpm0 device as our had expected. So, the trousers cannot be started. An old thread in Xen mail-list can do this,(http://old-list-archives.xen.org/xense-devel/2006-12/msg00002.html) but it helps little to me.
Is there any problem with my vTPM front driver? The tpm related modules and other info in DomU is list here.
[root@gavin-pv ~]# lsmod | grep tpm
tpm_xenu               15752  0 [permanent]
tpm                        17952  1 tpm_xenu
tpm_bios               10112  1 tpm
[root@gavin-pv ~]# tcsd -f TCSD TDDL ERROR: Could not find a device to open!

2. In Dom0, I run "modprobe tpmd_dev" and "modprobe tpmbk" also successfully and I can get the devices /dev/tpm, /dev/tpm0, and /dev/vtpm. However, I cannot start the tpm emulator (# ./tpmd -f clear pvm 1) and vtpm manager (# vtpm_managerd). The related info and output error from Dom0 is also list here.
[root@localhost tpmd]# lsmod | grep tpm
tpmd_dev               10416  0 
tpmbk                     19516  0 [permanent]
[root@localhost tpmd]# ./tpmd -f clear pvm 1
VTPMD[0]: tpmd.c:766: Info: starting TPM Emulator daemon
VTPMD[0]: tpmd.c:369: Info: parsing options
VTPMD[1]: tpmd.c:478: Info: openening random device /dev/urandom
VTPMD[1]: tpmd.c:621: Info: staring main loop
Loading NVM.
Error in read_from_file:301
VTPMD[1]: ../tpm/tpm_data.c:83: Info: initializing TPM data to default values
VTPMD[1]: ../tpm/tpm_startup.c:30: Info: TPM_Init()
VTPMD[1]: ../tpm/tpm_testing.c:242: Info: TPM_SelfTestFull()
VTPMD[1]: ../tpm/tpm_testing.c:260: Info: Self-Test succeeded
VTPMD[1]: ../tpm/tpm_startup.c:44: Info: TPM_Startup(1)
VTPMD[1]: tpmd.c:661: Error: Failed to open devices to listen to guest.

[root@localhost vtpm]# vtpm_managerd
INFO[VTPM]: Starting VTPM.
INFO[TCS]: Constructing new TCS:
ERROR[TXDATA]: TPM open failedERROR in VTPM_Init_Manager at vtpm_manager.c:205 code:
ERROR[VTPM]: Closing vtpmd due to error during startup.

Thanks in advance for your any reply.

Best Regards,

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