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Re: [Xen-devel] Need help to debug win7 BSOD on IGD passthrough

On Wed, 9 Jan 2013, G.R. wrote:
> >> So I've accumulated many local fixes to make intel gpu passthrough work.
> >> If you believe they are worthwhile, I'll clean up the fix and submit the 
> >> patch.
> >>
> >> List of local fixes:
> >> 1. Stefano's intel pch init fix, patch submitted and acked by Stefano.
> >> Not sure if accepted && submitted.
> >> 2. Patch for un-aligned OpRegion. Got feedback on security concern.
> >> The impact is not yet clear.
> >> 3. Vendor cap fix. Jean && Ross's patch about one year ago, lost in
> >> the devel list.
> >> 4. igfx reset fix. Jean's patch about one year ago, lost in the devel list.
> >>
> >> I think devel list is not the best way to track issue && fixes. I
> >> wounder if there are public bug tracking systems.
> >
> > Ian Jackson is responsible for applying patches to the
> > qemu-xen-traditional tree.
> >
> > However if you care to forward port the patches to upstream QEMU, that
> > now has PCI passthrough support but it is still completely missing gfx
> > passthrough, I would be happy to commit them and send them upstream.
> Let me start with the qemu-xen-traditional tree, which I'm currently using.
> I'll consider porting them to upstream QEMU once they are accepted.
> Just some questions first:
> 1. Do I need to switch to the unstable tree? I'm currently on 4.2.1.


> 2. Any guide to generate patch series in git?
> The wiki has a tutorial for Mercurial, but not git.
> Generating well-formed patch series from a single file manually is not
> a pleasant task.

I personally use guilt, that works the same way as mercurial with patch
queues. However many people in the git world just use git, different
branches and git rebase -i.

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