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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH v5 00/10] Nested VMX: Add virtual EPT & VPID support to L1 VMM

>>> On 09.01.13 at 05:16, Xiantao Zhang <xiantao.zhang@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Zhang Xiantao (10):
>   nestedhap: Change hostcr3 and p2m->cr3 to meaningful words
>   nestedhap: Change nested p2m's walker to vendor-specific
>   nested_ept: Implement guest ept's walker
>   EPT: Make ept data structure or operations neutral
>   nEPT: Try to enable EPT paging for L2 guest.
>   nEPT: Sync PDPTR fields if L2 guest in PAE paging mode
>   nEPT: Use minimal permission for nested p2m.
>   nEPT: handle invept instruction from L1 VMM
>   nVMX: virutalize VPID capability to nested VMM.
>   nEPT: Expose EPT & VPID capablities to L1 VMM

Jun, Eddie - any opinion on the VMX parts of this (Tim already
acked most of the mm ones, and I'm sure will take care of the
few remaining ones)?


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