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Re: [Xen-devel] xennet: skb rides the rocket: 20 slots

> > If netback complains about "Too many frags", then it should be
> > MAX_SKB_FRAGS limitation in netback results in dropping packets in
> > netfront. It is possible that other netfronts(windows?) also hit this.
> It's very possible. I rather suspect that non-Linux frontends have
> workarounds (e.g. manual resegmenting etc) for this case.

GPLPV gathers fragments together if there are too many. Mostly this is just the 
header but there could be a whole lot of copying going on in a worst-case 

It would be nice if a max-frags value was written to xenstore... do different 
backends (solaris? Bsd?) have different requirements? Or maybe that's already 
been discussed - I haven't followed this thread closely.


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