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Re: [Xen-devel] Getting into shape for GSOC 2013

On Thu, Dec 20, 2012 at 12:31:23AM +0100, Dario Faggioli wrote:
> On Wed, 2012-12-19 at 16:44 -0500, Konrad Rzeszutek Wilk wrote: 
> > > c) Ideally I would like to add biography and interest section for
> > > all our mentors. I can create a wiki template for mentors if it
> > > helps

Ideas for GSOC:

- Support microcode update bundled in with the initrd in Xen.
  Here is the Linux side of it comes out looking:

- Write Xen PV Architecture Book/Manual/whatever. We have been
  slowly going through the PV architecture and documenting it.
  It would nice to have somebody full-time doing it and asking
  questions. And then the answers would be written in this book.

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