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Re: [Xen-devel] Security support for debug=y builds (Was Re: Xen Security Advisory 37 (CVE-2013-0154) - Hypervisor crash due to incorrect ASSERT (debug build only))

On Mon, 2013-01-07 at 11:21 +0000, Andrew Cooper wrote:
> On 07/01/13 11:08, Keir Fraser wrote:
> > On 07/01/2013 10:21, "Ian Campbell"<ijc@xxxxxxx>  wrote:
> >>        * debug=y bugs are Just Bugs and not security issues. i.e. they
> >>          are discussed and fixed publicly on xen-devel and the fix is
> >>          checked in in the usual way. There is no embargo or specific
> >>          announcement. changelog may or may not refer to the security
> >>          implications if debug=y is enabled.
> > This is my preference. I consider debug builds to be developer builds, and
> > wouldn't expect to see them used in production environments. We set debug=n
> > by default in our stable branches for that reason.
> >
> >   -- Keir
> I second this opinion.  Production environments should not be running 
> development builds.

I tried to keep my initial mail unbiased, but this is my opinion too.


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