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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH] seperate xen checkpoint file as three parts(for xen-4.1.2)

On Fri, Dec 28, 2012 at 5:26 PM, éç <aware.why@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
  We can seperate the xen checkpoint file as three parts: xl config file, memory dump file of the virtual machine and qemu state file.
  So I add two xl sub-commands: `xl save2` and `xl restore2`, the final effect is as follows:

[malei@xentest-4-1 Fri Dec 28 ~/honeypot/xen/xen-4.1.2]$ sudo xl save2
Usage: xl [-v] save2 [options] <Domain> <CheckpointFile1> <CheckpointFile2> <CheckpointFile3> [<ConfigFile>]

Save a domain state as three seperated files to restore later.


-h ÂPrint this help.
-c ÂLeave domain running after creating the snapshot.

[malei@xentest-4-1 Fri Dec 28 ~/honeypot/xen/xen-4.1.2]$ sudo xl restore2
Usage: xl [-v] restore2 [options] [<ConfigFile>] <CheckpointFile1> <CheckpointFile2> <CheckpointFile3>

Restore a domain from a saved state.


-h ÂPrint this help.
-p ÂDo not unpause domain after restoring it.
-e ÂDo not wait in the background for the death of the domain.
-d ÂEnable debug messages.

Besides, the `vncdisplay` option in xl config file will determine the ID of the domainU shown in `xl list`, so it's convenient to judge th vm-id according the xl config file.Â

For more details, please check the attachment.

How to submit a patch to the xen source trunk except through hg mecurial?
Does anybody ever go through such thing by sending the patch to the mail list?
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