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Re: [Xen-devel] xen with huffman coding

On 14/12/12 14:32, digvijay chauhan wrote:
Hello all,
Is it possible to integrate Xen pre-copy algorithm with huffman coding compression algorithm. If during live migration of vm pages are first compressed and then transferred at destination.
Short answer:

Longer answer:
Have a look at the code, do some experimental changes, and see how much it improves. The question is if it's sufficiently more efficient to compress and then transfer the package, then uncompress it, vs. the uncompressed version. The answer to that depends, partly, on what the network setup is on the system, and how well the huffman coding is done.

For code and typical data, I'm not at all convinced that huffman encoding (which is based on run-lengths) is the best method. You may want to look at byte-pair encoding instead, which is more suitable for "stuff that contains byte values" - I believe it is also possible to do "in situ", meaning the encoding never takes more space than the original data - but I could have got that wrong.

Looking at different compression methods would be a good research project.

What is your goal (e.g. is downtime or overall transfer time the important factor)? Generally, downtime is not very much affected by the amount of time it takes to copy the guest, except for the final iteration, which is a small portion of the total copy time. Of course, the total copy time for a large guest could easily be several minutes if the guest is also making lots of pages dirty.

What is your test setup?

What kind of network hardware are you using?



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