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Re: [Xen-devel] intel IGD driver intel_detect_pch() failure

>> > PVHVM Linux guests setup interrupts differently: they request an event
>> > channel for each legacy interrupt or MSI/MSI-X, then the hypervisor uses
>> > these event channels to inject notifications into the guest, rather
>> > than emulated interrupts or emulated MSIs.
>> >
>> Will this affect the result of pci_get_class() as called by the intel driver?
>> If not, this can still not explain the different behavior.
>> Maybe I need to do one more experiment when I got time.
> No, it doesn't.
I've done more experiments last night and it turns out that I'm being
fooled previously.
So actually none of the config (PV or not) correctly detected the PCH version.
The magic my debian PVHVM build works is in the script maintained grub config,
which automatically loads some VGA / FB driver to show image background.
The manual maintained grub config for openelec is quick && dirty and
does not have such fancy stuff.
Manually adding such VGA / FB driver to grub config could also 'fix'
the output issue.

However, this is a real issue that failing to detect PCH version in
the driver, even though the output can be made available through grub.
Driver code path specific to new PCH version is simply missed with
this issue which could potentially lead to other issues.

Could you xen && intel developers sit down to discuss and come up with
a formal solution?
I can foresee that cooperation is required on this topic.


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