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[Xen-devel] [PATCH v2 0/9] vTPM new ABI, extensions

This patch queue goes on top of Matthew Fioravante's [VTPM v5 0/7]
series. While some of the patches have been posted before, all have
been cleaned up a bit.

[PATCH 1/9] stubdom: Change vTPM shared page ABI
        * Removed unneeded reconfiguration pieces
        * Removed feature-protocol-v2 xenstore key references

[PATCH 2/9] stubdom/vtpm: Support locality field
        * Add distinct patch file instead of patching a patch
        * Comment on future use of the locality field

[PATCH 3/9] stubdom/vtpm: correct the buffer size returned by
        * New patch

[PATCH 4/9] stubdom/vtpm: Add locality-5 PCRs
        * New patch

[PATCH 5/9] stubdom/vtpm: Allow repoen of closed devices
        * This used to use Reconfigure, but has been changed to use
          the Closed states similar to blkback

[PATCH 6/9] stubdom/vtpm: make state save operation atomic
        * Avoid hardcoded maximum saved state size
        * Better debug/error messages

[PATCH 7/9] stubdom/grub: send kernel measurements to vTPM
        * Use PolarSSL SHA1 function
        * Use byteswap.h functions

[PATCH 8/9] stubdom/vtpm: support multiple backends
        * Split into its own patch so it can be excluded if
          automatic vTPM shutdown is required

[PATCH 9/9] stubdom/vtpm: Add PCR pass-through to hardware TPM
        * New patch, RFC; an alternative to hwinitpcrs

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