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Re: [Xen-devel] [RFC/PATCH v2] XENMEM_claim_pages (subop of existing) hypercall

At 08:33 -0800 on 20 Nov (1353400380), Dan Magenheimer wrote:
> I agree it's possible, just saying it's not trivial... one has to
> account not only for superpages system-wide (which isn't currently
> done) but a mix of unclaimed superpages and unclaimed order==0 pages
> per-domain.  Especially since that would improve launch of only a small
> and shrinking class of domains (PV && superpages=1 && mem="huge"),
> can we please consider it a possible future enhancement, not a showstopper?

Please, no.  Either you need this benighted hypercall, or you don't.  
If you really need it, do it properly.


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