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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH v3] IOMMU: keep disabled until iommu_setup() is called

> So after having got acks from both Intel and AMD, I committed
> this to -unstable, but I'm rather hesitant to backport this onto the
> 4.x branches (not the least because in the end this is just
> cosmetic for the problem you reported - the box would not boot
> in either case, just that with the patch it is more obvious why).

Actually the affected box can still boot xen. But you have to add the 
"allow_unsafe" option to the boot-parameters, which you are informed about as 
long the intended panic message is printed. 

Without the patch their is just the crash and the stacktrace.

But this problem seem only to hit some older AMD cpus for socket 754,939 and 
940 (as noted in CVE-2012-2934), and i didnt find any other report on the web 
about this xen crash. 

So it looks minor enough to not trouble the stable-branches with it imho too.

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