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Re: [Xen-devel] Xennet half die---netfront TX queue was stopped.

Thanks for your information.
And sorry for writing a wrong kernel version by mistake, we are using, 
which was downloaded from Xen.org when got Xen-3.4.2 release.

I've seen that patch, just don't think it can impacts this. 
(http://xenbits.xen.org/hg/linux-2.6.18-xen.hg/rev/ddb83aec5afc  )
You can see the " TX_MAX_TARGET = 0x100" in the log below, it's 256 already. 

Actually, we are doubting it's an overflow issue, I'm reading the netfront and 
netback to find the possibility of overflow.

>From one occurrence, I got the details from both netfront and netback. Wish it 
>can help us to find something:
On backend interface:
[3357955.991282] rx.rsp_prod_pvt=0xc11734a0 rx.req_cons=0xf4d0eb80
[3357955.991283] tx.rsp_prod_pvt=0xc0af64 tx.req_cons=0xc0af64

On frontend interface:
[3363909.017567] tx.req_prod_pvt=0x12ef8f3 tx.rsp_cons=0x12ef807
[3363909.017569] TX_MAX_TARGET = 0x100, MAX_SKB_FRAGS = 0x12 dev->state=0x7
[3363909.017572] np->tx.sring->rsp_prod = 0x12ef807 
[3363909.017575] np->tx.sring->req_event=0x12ef800 

We have some rack servers in product encountered this rarely, no way to 
reproduce in lab now.
I've setup two rack servers to reproduce this in lab, both run about 20 days 
without reproducing.

Could somebody share some experience on this ?  Any sharing would be 

Great thanks.


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On Wed, 2012-10-31 at 03:47 +0000, Yi, Shunli wrote:
> Dom0:  kernel)        x86      1 GB MEM + 1 CPU
> cores
> DomU:  kernel)        x86      3 GB MEM + 2 CPU
> cores

Those are both ancient and AFAIK not supported by any distro. I strongly 
recommend you update to something more recent -- either a kernel supported your 
distro or an up to date mainine version.

I see a commit in mainline "xen-netfront: correct MAX_TX_TARGET calculation" 
which might be related.


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