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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH] xen PVonHVM: require at least Xen 3.4 as dom0

On Wed, Oct 31, Ian Campbell wrote:

> If I understand correctly this requirements comes from the need to
> support moving the shared info page in order to support kexec?
> So could we do something more fine grained and limit only the kexec
> support (and therefore the movement of the SI into that range) to 3.4+?

Its not strictly about kexec. The other patch I sent out will place the
shared info page at 0xFE700000. If that range is not within a
E820_Reserved area and if the old hvmloader makes allocations within
that range, that other patch needs to be changed so that the shared info
page is done either at 0xFE700000 or within RESERVE_BRK (as it is done

Is the source code of that old RHEL available somewhere, did they patch
hvmloader at all? Providing a E820 map from a guest which was started on
such old dom0 would be a good start.


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