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Re: [Xen-devel] preparing for 4.2.1 and 4.1.4

On Mon, Oct 29, Jan Beulich wrote:

> with the aim of getting both stable releases out the door in the
> second half of November, please check the respective branches
> for backports of bug fixes in -unstable that you think would
> validly belong into those trees (an initial backport of some tools
> side patches is known to be still missing).

What about these tools patches for 4.2.1?
The first one is also important for 4.1.4.

changeset:   26079:b3b03536789a
hotplug/Linux: close lockfd after lock attempt

changeset:   25941:795c493fe561
pygrub: always append --args
changeset:   26018:ecc7627ca6d7
pygrub: correct typo in --args assignment

changeset:   26006:8b6870d686d6
hotplug/Linux: Remove tracing (bash -x) from network-nat script

changeset:   26007:fe756682cc7f
xenballoond.init: remove 4 from default runlevel

changeset:   26008:eecb528583d7
xend/pvscsi: fix passing of SCSI control LUNs
changeset:   26009:2dbfa4d2e107
xend/pvscsi: fix usage of persistant device names for SCSI devices
changeset:   26010:cff10030c6ea
xend/pvscsi: update sysfs parser for Linux 3.0

changeset:   26011:b6fb4e63b946
stubdom: fix parallel build by expanding CROSS_MAKE

changeset:   26077:33348baecf37
stubdom: fix compile errors in grub

changeset:   26081:02064298ebcb
stubdom: fix rpmlint warning spurious-executable-perm

changeset:   26082:8cf26ace9ca0
blktap2/libvhd: fix rpmlint warning spurious-executable-perm

changeset:   26083:3fbeb019d522
blktap: fix rpmlint warning spurious-executable-perm

changeset:   26084:fe9a0eb9aaaa
hotplug: install hotplugpath.sh as data file

changeset:   26085:e32f4301f384
stubdom: install stubdompath.sh as data file

changeset:   26086:ba6b1db89ec8
hotplug/Linux: correct sysconfig tag in xendomains

changeset:   26087:6239ace16749
hotplug/Linux: install sysconfig files as data files

There are also two other HVM related patches, nice to have:

changeset:   26108:79185dcdf558
hvmloader: Reserve FE700000-FE800000 in physical memory map for guest use.

changeset:   26093:4ae08ca5500f
hvm: handle PoD and grant pages in HVMOP_get_mem_type


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