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Re: [Xen-devel] XCI Archivation Review (VOTE)

And I just realized that I sent the wrong voting link: it should be



On 26/10/2012 11:25, Lars Kurth wrote:
If you do not want to use Google Docs, please reply privately
+1 (for Archivation)
0 (Abstain)
-1 (against archivation)

On 26/10/2012 10:28, Lars Kurth wrote:
Hi everybody,

it's been on my list of things to do for a while, to formally close and archive the XCI project. The reason for archiving the project is:
  • There is no Project Lead
  • The last try to revive the project in April/May did not lead anywhere
  • No activity in any of the repos for a year
  • No activity on XCI related wiki pages for a year
  • No activity on the mailing list for a year
What happens after the review?
  • The mailing list is archived (i.e. it is moved to the archived section) and closed for new posts
  • The wiki pages are archived
  • The web pages are moved into the xen.org archive
  • We will archive the repos
What needs to happen formally vote on an archivation review?

Reviews: These are off-line reviews which are open to all community members by which a proposal is published for review
[This is this e-mail, done]

Voting: The community manager arranges a timed private vote as outlined above (voting should be open for a minimum of a week). Any maintainer of a mature project and the Xen.org community manager is allowed to vote. Voting follows the conventions as laid out in "Principle: Consensus Decision Making".

The link to vote privately is here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Ao04FrB3gtj2dG9pRTkxbTJkTC1weExuWmVTS0tHdHc#gid=0
The vote will be open for two weeks until Nov 9th 2012.

Best Regards

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