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[Xen-devel] libxl drivers for libvirt?

Hey Jim,

I was wondering if you or someone on your team could give me an idea
what the status of libxl support is in libvirt, particularly wrt
various releases?

I'm asking because I'm going to UDS next week to talk about the 13.04
release, and it would be good to get Xen 4.2 in; but that in part
depends on whether there will be libvirt support for 4.2 in whatever
version of libvirt they ship as well.  I know Dario has been facing
the same kind of questions for Fedora 18.

It appears that libvirt 0.10.2 has limited support for the 4.1 libxl
driver; but:
* This doesn't include some core features, like live migration
* It won't compile against 4.2's libxl

Is that right?

So I guess it would be nice to know:
* What kind of Xen support is available in the most recent release
(0.10.2, I believe), both xend and libxl
* What kind of Xen support for libxl is in the libvirt development
branch, and do you have an idea when full support for 4.2 (at least,
including migration, suspend/resume, &c) might be available?
* Whether it would be easy for distros to backport 4.2 libxl support
to whatever their release is?

That would help us better advise distros whether to:
* Stick with Xen 4.1 for the next release
* Go with Xen 4.2 but suggest continuing to use xend if libvirt
support is wanted
* Go with Xen 4.2 and backport patches to make libvirt work with libxl
* Go with Xen 4.2 and expect that libxl support will show up without
too much effort

Obviously change is the only constant, so you can't predict with
perfect certainty; but if we have an idea what's most likely, we can
plan on that and then adjust based on what actually happens.


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