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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH RFC] Persistent grant maps for xen blk drivers

> . New hypercall mem-op's to allocate/deallocate a persistent grant, returning
> a handle from Dom0 (with high bit set). Dom0 maintains a table of mapped
> grants with the handle being the index. Ref counting tracks usage so that an
> unmap won't be allowed when ref>0. I was taking the approach that a chunk
> of persistent grants would be allocated at boot time and so the actual
> map/unmap is not done often so the requirement of a hypercall wasn't a big
> deal. I hadn't figured out how to manage the size of this table yet.

Actually it was this bit that I didn't progress any further... the hypercall 
wouldn't do the job as Dom0 needed to get the message which would really need 
yet another shared ring which meant yet more complexity.


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