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Re: [Xen-devel] Xen 4.3 development update, 15 Oct

> == Not yet complete ==
> * PVH mode (w/ Linux)
>   owner: mukesh@oracle
>   Linux: 3rd draft patches posted.
>   Xen: Patches being cleaned up for submission
> * Event channel scalability
>   owner: attilio@citrix
>   status: initial design proposed
>   Increase limit on event channels (currently 1024 for 32-bit guests,
>   4096 for 64-bit guests)
> * ARM server port
>   owner: ijc@citrix
>   status: Core hypervisor patches accepted; Linux paches pending

Are these the ones that interact with the PVH ones?
> * blktap3
> * Multi-page blk rings (external)
>  - blkback in kernel (konrad@oracle, ?@intel)
>  - qemu blkback
>   status: ?

Nothing yet.
> * Multi-page net protocol (external)
>   owner: ijc@citrix or annie.li@oracle
>   status: Initial patches posted (by Wei Liu)
>   expand the network ring protocol to allow multiple pages for
>   increased throughput

We are cleaning them up to get Ian's input. There are .. many things
here for this TODO - there is the feature persistent grant which gives a big
performance boost. Then there is the Wei Liu patches which need
some rework (they were RFC). The persistent grant (which is what
Annie is working on right now) nicely fit on top of Wei Liu's, but since
they (the RFC patches - which split the netback into per-vif threads)
are not yet ready - annie is looking to see if she can do some lookup
using the old netback mechanism.

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