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[Xen-devel] [PATCH v1] Various bug-fixes for v3.6.


Three patches that were discovered with v3.6. The first one:

 [PATCH 1/3] xen/pv-on-hvm kexec: add quirk for Xen 3.4 and shutdown
should have been found earlier, but it seems there is only a small selection
of provides run Xen 3.4 and without the 23839:42a45baf037d in xen-unstable.hg 
It is easy to reproduce with OVM 2.2 product.

The other two are a bit embarrassing. We had a similar issue with rdmsr_safe
pvops call in v3.5 where it was not implemented for Xen PV (but rdmsr was).
The fix was to make rdmsr_safe a macro around rdmsr and a lookout for other
calls that were not implemented. Well, v3.6 has gone by and now I find three 
 [PATCH 2/3] xen/bootup: allow {read|write}_cr8 pvops call.
 [PATCH 3/3] xen/bootup: allow read_tscp call for Xen PV guests.

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