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Re: [Xen-devel] Help Needed from Xen Developers: Nasty Yellow Triangle with Exclamation Mark and Error Code 43 in Device Manager in Windows 8 HVM domU

On 06/10/2012 13:55, Dariusz Krempa wrote:

Could you carefully look through my manual/tutorial/guide for me and see what is missing from my manual. BUT, using the same manual/tutorial/guide that I have written, I was able to get 100% success with Frank Lyon's Xen VGA Passthrough server. There is no nasty yellow triangle with exclamation mark and error code 43 in Frank Lyon's case.

Just what is wrong with my setup?!?!?!

When I started with Xen and linux about 3 weeks ago I found Yours manuals in pdf. My first steps was simple copy paste. Later I realized that for me not whole manual is needed and in this moment im using:
- to build kernel points 1-5, but without modified /etc/modules 
-- in this moment Im using kernel 3.6-rc7 instead 3.3-rc7
-- in config I set all *XEN* for y
- to build xen from sources (I also copy-pasted at start from Xen manual from You and from David's website):
-- apt-get install texinfo git-core libglib2.0-dev libyajl-dev build-essential vncviewer bridge-utils mercurial
-- apt-get build-dep xen
-- patch rev25240 

Also Im using pciback instead stub, cause Im having problems with stub. It report me errors (missing files).
This is all what I need to start hvm. Now like I said before first I install windows without vga passthrough (its because 1 gfx also with problems with usb drivers under windows). When I have windows ready Im passing pci  with vga to hvm and Im installing nvidia drivers 275.33 or 275.50 and when it is done Im setting gfx_passthrough=1 in DomU config. 

Isn't it gfx_passthru=1 instead of gfx_passthrough=1? I believe your syntax is wrong.

What a joke man! I can only get Frank Lyon's NVIDIA Quadro 6000 VGA Passthrough completely 100% working but I cannot get 100% success for my own display cards. I have been trying a lot of things but still cannot get rid of the yellow triangle with exclamation mark and error code 43. Frank Lyon's NVIDIA Quadro 6000 costs S$6000++ and I can't afford that.
Yours sincerely,

Mr. Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming)
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