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[Xen-devel] Xen 4.2.0, VNC connection to Windows domU causes black screen on VNC


I am trying to get Windows Server 2008 R2 HVM domU working in Xen 4.2.0. The domU will start and I can see the boot output to the point when the .iso-image starts loading and I get the "Windows is loading files" loading bar in VNC. After the Windows installer has finished loading the necessary files and starts the installer the resolution will change on the VNC screen and it goes black. However despite that, I think that the Windows installer is still starting fine and it probably is responding to keyboard input, I just cant see anything but black. Qemu-dm log file does not contain any error messages. I'm using the same config file on different server and it is working there, and when comparing the qemu-dm log files on this server and the other server where the windows is working they are pretty much consistent.

I have tried playing with different settings on domU config, but nothing makes any difference, the outcome is always the same. Installer starts, resolution changes and then only black. I'am using rather new hardware, CPU is the new Intel Ivy-Bridge Core i7-3770 with integrated GPU and motherboard is Intel DQ77MK with latest bios installed. dom0 kernel is 3.6.0 64bit, hypervisor is 64bit and Windows is 64bit. The same kernel config and domU config is working on my older server which is running mid 2008 CPU Intel Q9950 and motherboard Intel DQ45CB, so I would suspect that this might be some kind of hardware incompatibility problem?

Any ideas of how to debug this problem? I have enabled all the debuggint options for Xen and dom0 kernel but I'm not getting any error messages. It seems that the domU is working as intented but only graphics are missing.

- Valtteri
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