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Re: [Xen-devel] xen on illumos(OpenSolaris) based platform

Igor Kozhukhov wrote:
> Thanks for your info.
> I'd like to see xen-4.1.3 port on DilOS :)
> But - I have some problems with libxl ...

libxl has seen major changes in upcoming release (4.2), which I think
will be interesting for Solaris, and will make the port easier. Also
xend has been deprecated, so you should aim at porting libxl to Solaris.
I've been working on porting libxl to NetBSD, so if you need I can help
you on that.

> I'm working on build xen-4.1.3 by gcc44(with patches for illumos builds)
> on DilOS build env.
> Will se what I'll have.
> I also have problems with build hvmloader with acpi - I have no acpica
> compiler ... - I'll try to port it too for xen build.
> Can I disable libel now ? Or I need it for next build steps ?

You can disable libxl and use xend instead, but as I said above xend is
deprecated and libxl (xl) is going to replace it.

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