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Re: [Xen-devel] [RFC v1 0/5] VBD: enlarge max segment per request in blkfront

>>> On 13.09.12 at 04:28, "Duan, Ronghui" <ronghui.duan@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> And with your patch got:
>>   read : io=4096.0MB, bw=92606KB/s, iops=23151 , runt= 45292msec
>> without:
>>   read : io=4096.0MB, bw=145187KB/s, iops=36296 , runt= 28889msec
> What type of backend file you are using? In order to remove the influence of 
> cache in Dom0, I use a physical partition as backend.

But you certainly shouldn't be proposing features getting used
unconditionally or by default that benefit one class of backing
devices and severely penalize others.


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