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Re: [Xen-devel] Xen port for MIPS

>>> On 31.08.12 at 07:59, maheen butt <maheen_butt26@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I want to port Xen for MIPS64 architecture as my MS thesis. My strategy
> is that to know (some how) what are changes required to make a kernel into 
> xen enabled kernel for x86 and try to change accordingly MIPS portion of the 
> code.
> Now I have two issues over here
> 1) The above strategy is for xen enabled kernel but have no clear picture 
> for Xen hypervisor.
> 2) I'm currently working on 2.6.18 xenlinux. Why I'm not using the current 
> version because 
> newer kernels are using pv_ops. and there is no such interface exist for 
> MIPS( considering that 
> I'm following X86). I know my knowledge is very limited in case of pv_ops.
> So anybody can guide me what should be correct strategy? and can I use newer
> kernel (any thing having version >= 2.6.26) and xen-unstable but avoiding 
> pv_ops as well?
> we are two members in the team. Any guess how much time it will take?  

According to a presentation on the summit earlier this week, such
a port already exists.


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