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[Xen-devel] xen debugger (kdb/xdb/hdb) patch for c/s 25467

Hi Guys,

Thanks for the interest in the xen hypervisor debugger, prev known as
kdb. Btw. I'm gonna rename it to xdb for xen-debugger or hdb for
hypervisor debugger. KDB is confusing people with linux kdb debugger
and I often get emails where people think they need to apply linux kdb
patch also... 

Anyways, attaching patch that is cleaned up of my debug code that I
accidentally left in prev posting. Should apply cleanly to c/s 25467.

JFYI...  http://xenbits.xen.org/ext/debuggers.hg/ has gotten outdated,
I wasn't sure if anyone was even looking at it. But, it looks like
there is much interest, so I will just submit patch to Keir for
his feedback on merging it in xen. 

Please voice your opinion here. Good seeing all at the summit :).


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