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[Xen-devel] [PATCH 00 of 10 v2] Automatic NUMA placement for xl

Hello Everyone,

This is the second take for automaic NUMA placement for Xen 4.2, for the sake
of feature parity with xm/xend.

All the comments v1 received have been addressed. Actually, some bits of the
patchset have been deeply restructured for achieving this. Details in single

Here it is what the series ships:

 1/10 libxl: fix a typo in the GCREALLOC_ARRAY macro

Is just a build fix (already posted separately).

 2/10 libxl: add a new Array type to the IDL
 3/10 libxl,libxc: introduce libxl_get_numainfo()
 4/10 xl: add more NUMA information to `xl info -n'
 5/10 libxl: rename libxl_cpumap to libxl_bitmap
 6/10 libxl: expand the libxl_bitmap API a bit
 7/10 libxl: introduce some node map helpers
Introduce the data structures, calls and infrastructure needed for retrieving
all the information about the NUMA-ness of the system and deal with them at the
toolstack level.

 8/10 libxl: enable automatic placement of guests on NUMA nodes
 9/10 libxl: have NUMA placement deal with cpupools

Is the actual, well, 'food' (no, I'm not calling it 'the meat' as I'm
vegetarian!  :-D).

 10/10 Some automatic NUMA placement documentation

Puts some more details about the implementation and the usage of the new
feature directly in the tree.

Thanks a lot and Regards,

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