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Re: [Xen-devel] lock in vhpet

At 20:02 -0700 on 26 Apr (1335470547), Andres Lagar-Cavilla wrote:
> > Can you please try the attached patch?  I think you'll need this one
> > plus the ones that take the locks out of the hpet code.
> Right off the bat I'm getting a multitude of
> (XEN) mm.c:3294:d0 Error while clearing mfn 100cbb7
> And a hung dom0 during initramfs. I'm a little baffled as to why, but it's
> there (32 bit dom0, XenServer6).

Curses, I knew there'd be one somewhere.  I've been replacing
get_page_and_type_from_pagenr()s (which return 0 for success) with
old-school get_page_type()s (which return 1 for success) and not always
getting the right number of inversions.  That's a horrible horrible
beartrap of an API, BTW, which had me cursing at the screen, but I had
enough on my plate yesterday without touching _that_ code too!

> > Andres, this is basically the big-hammer version of your "take a
> > pagecount" changes, plus the change you made to hvmemul_rep_movs().
> > If this works I intend to follow it up with a patch to make some of the
> > read-modify-write paths avoid taking the lock (by using a
> > compare-exchange operation so they only take the lock on a write).  If
> > that succeeds I might drop put_gfn() altogether.
> You mean cmpxchg the whole p2m entry? I don't think I parse the plan.
> There are code paths that do get_gfn_query -> p2m_change_type -> put_gfn.
> But I guess those could lock the p2m up-front if they become the only
> consumers of put_gfn left.

Well, that's more or less what happens now.  I was thinking of replacing
any remaining

 (implicit) lock ; read ; think a bit ; maybe write ; unlock

code with the fast-path-friendlier:

 read ; think ; maybe-cmpxchg (and on failure undo or retry 

which avoids taking the write lock altogether if there's no work to do. 
But maybe there aren't many of those left now.  Obviously any path
which will always write should just take the write-lock first. 
> >  - grant-table operations still use the lock, because frankly I
> >    could not follow the current code, and it's quite late in the evening.
> It's pretty complex with serious nesting, and ifdef's for arm and 32 bit.
> gfn_to_mfn_private callers will suffer from altering the current meaning,
> as put_gfn resolves to the right thing for the ifdef'ed arch. The other
> user is grant_transfer which also relies on the page *not* having an extra
> ref in steal_page. So it's a prime candidate to be left alone.

Sadly, I think it's not.  The PV backends will be doing lots of grant
ops, which shouldn't get serialized against all other P2M lookups. 

> > I also have a long list of uglinesses in the mm code that I found
> Uh, ugly stuff, how could that have happened?

I can't imagine. :)  Certainly nothing to do with me thinking "I'll
clean that up when I get some time."

> I have a few preliminary observations on the patch. Pasting relevant bits
> here, since the body of the patch seems to have been lost by the email
> thread:
> @@ -977,23 +976,25 @@ int arch_set_info_guest(
> ...
> +
> +        if (!paging_mode_refcounts(d)
> +            && !get_page_and_type(cr3_page, d, PGT_l3_page_table) )
> replace with && !get_page_type() )


> @@ -2404,32 +2373,33 @@ static enum hvm_copy_result __hvm_copy(
>              gfn = addr >> PAGE_SHIFT;
>          }
> -        mfn = mfn_x(get_gfn_unshare(curr->domain, gfn, &p2mt));
> +        page = get_page_from_gfn(curr->domain, gfn, &p2mt, P2M_UNSHARE);
> replace with (flags & HVMCOPY_to_guest) ? P2M_UNSHARE : P2M_ALLOC (and
> same logic when checking p2m_is_shared). Not truly related to your patch
> bit since we're at it.

OK, but not in this patch.

> Same, further down
> -        if ( !p2m_is_ram(p2mt) )
> +        if ( !page )
>          {
> -            put_gfn(curr->domain, gfn);
> +            if ( page )
> +                put_page(page);
> Last two lines are redundant


> @@ -4019,35 +3993,16 @@ long do_hvm_op(unsigned long op, XEN_GUE
>     case HVMOP_modified_memory: a lot of error checking has been removed.

Yes, but it was bogus - there's a race between the actual modification
and the call, during which anything might have happened.  The best we
can do is throw log-dirty bits at everything, and the caller can't do
anything with the error anyway.

When I come to tidy up I'll just add a new mark_gfn_dirty function
and skip the pointless gfn->mfn->gfn translation on this path.

> arch/x86/mm.c:do_mmu_update -> you blew up all the paging/sharing checking
> for target gfns of mmu updates of l2/3/4 entries. It seems that this
> wouldn't work anyways, that's why you killed it?

Yeah - since only L1es can point at foreign mappings it was all just
noise, and even if there had been real p2m lookups on those paths there
was no equivalent to the translate-in-place that happens in
mod_l1_entry so it would have been broken in a much worse way.

> +++ b/xen/arch/x86/mm/hap/guest_walk.c
> @@ -54,34 +54,37 @@ unsigned long hap_p2m_ga_to_gfn(GUEST_PA
> ...
> +    if ( !top_page )
>      {
>          pfec[0] &= ~PFEC_page_present;
> -        __put_gfn(p2m, top_gfn);
> +        put_page(top_page);
> top_page is NULL here, remove put_page


> get_page_from_gfn_p2m, slow path: no need for p2m_lock/unlock since
> locking is already done by get_gfn_type_access/__put_gfn

Yeah, but I was writing that with half an eye on killing that lock. :) 
I'll drop them for now.

> (hope those observations made sense without inlining them in the actual
> patch)

Yes, absolutely - thanks for the review!

If we can get this to work well enough I'll tidy it up into a sensible
series next week.   In the meantime, an updated verison of the
monster patch is attached. 



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