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Re: [Xen-devel] Kernel aio bug in Debian 2.6.32-5-xen kernel?

On Thu, Apr 26, 2012 at 11:59 AM, Ian Campbell <Ian.Campbell@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On Thu, 2012-04-26 at 11:52 +0100, George Dunlap wrote:
>> Recently I pulled in new changesets from xen- and qemu-unstable, and
>> when creating a PV guest I'm getting errors like the stack trace
>> below.  Is this likely to be caused by QEMU using AIO?  It this a bug
>> in Xen or in the Debian kernel?  Is there an easy way to turn off aio
>> using a config file so I can see if it is qemu's aio?
>> The config file is attached, for reference.
> Which revision of the Debian kernel is this?
> It looks like Squeeze, which was a fairly old snapshot of Jeremy's
> Xen.git -- it's certainly not impossible that there were latent AIO bugs
> in there and Stefano has been fixing these sort of things in recent
> kernels too. So it's very possible we need to backport some fix.

The package info is below.  It is from squeeze, since (AFAIK) that's
the latest "stable" release (and thus what people are likely to be


# dpkg -s linux-image-2.6.32-5-xen-686
Package: linux-image-2.6.32-5-xen-686
Status: install ok installed
Priority: optional
Section: kernel
Installed-Size: 78524
Maintainer: Debian Kernel Team <debian-kernel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Architecture: i386
Source: linux-2.6
Version: 2.6.32-41
Provides: linux-image, linux-image-2.6, linux-modules-2.6.32-5-xen-686
Depends: module-init-tools, linux-base (>= 2.6.32-41), initramfs-tools (>= 0.55)
Pre-Depends: debconf | debconf-2.0
Recommends: firmware-linux-free (>= 2.6.32), libc6-xen
Suggests: linux-doc-2.6.32, grub
Breaks: initramfs-tools (<< 0.55), lilo (<< 22.8-8.2~)
Description: Linux 2.6.32 for modern PCs, Xen dom0 support
 The Linux kernel 2.6.32 and modules for use on PCs with Intel Pentium
 Pro/II/III/4/4M/D/M, Xeon, Celeron, Core or Atom; AMD Geode NX, Athlon
 (K7), Duron, Opteron, Sempron, Turion or Phenom; Transmeta Efficeon; or
 VIA C7 processors.
 This kernel also runs on a Xen hypervisor.  It supports both privileged
 (dom0) and unprivileged (domU) operation.

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