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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH 00/07] HVM firmware passthrough

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  • Date: Wed, 25 Apr 2012 14:47:06 -0400
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> >
> > Yea so the entire SMBIOS table begins with the "struct
> > smbios_entry_point" which is not present in what I pass in. I have N
> > structs (possibly some of the same type) that start with a "struct
> > smbios_structure_header". The gotcha is that the "length" field only
> > defines the fixed portion of each of the SMBIOS structs. There can be
> > any number of strings following that struct of varying length.
> Ah, that's the bit I had forgotten...
> >  Then entire structure is doubly terminated with "\0\0". What I wanted
> > to avoid is having to put the parsing code in hvmloader to reparse for
> > each struct, which was already done by the tools. A simple approach is
> > to use the <length><blob> scheme.
> Yes, I see now why this is necessary, thanks for plugging away at my
> understanding ;-)
> Ian.

Sorry I did not get back sooner, I was out on vacation. So it sounds like I can 
make another go at this now. Briefly what I plan to do:
 - Pass in the firmware chunks as a list of blobs in struct xc_hvm_build_args 
to libxc
 - Return the base address where the chunks were loaded for each to the caller
 - The base address, size and checksum for each will be stored in xenstore
 - HVMLOADER will fetch the firmware chunks when building the tables etc.
 - I will address the issues brought up regarding the SMBIOS processing code.

Is it OK if I introduce a shared header in xen/include/public/hvm to collect 
all the BIOS/FW related xenstore values in one place? Something like 

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