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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH 1/3] Add mcelog support for xen platform

Luck, Tony wrote:
>> Because, if you'd hooked into it, just imagine one fine day, when we
>> remove mcelog support, what screaming the xen people will be doing
>> when mcelog doesn't work anymore.
> Agreed. Even before we get to deleting mcelog, "struct mce" can
> change (new fields could be added) ... and you don't want to have
> your hypervisor to have to know which version of Linux it is talking
> to. 

Hmm, adding new fields block neither native nor xen -- xen just ignore new 
added fields, that would be no problem for xen:
/* Fields are zero when not available */
struct mce {

and, hypervisor only record error into its mc_info cookie (in its own format), 
it doesn't care what's dom0's version and how dom0 translate it -- that's 
dom0's business. The role of hypervisor is virtual 'platform', just like h/w 
platform don't care what linux version runs over it.

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