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[Xen-devel] Remus' Network Buffering

I am trying to understand and change the network buffering that is being used by Remus, the HA solution present in Xen. From what i understood from reading the code, Remus calls the postsuspend method of the BufferedNIC after it suspends the domain that sends TC_PLUG_CHECKPOINT message and start the buffering and then calls the commit method of BufferedNIC after it gets the acknowledgement that sends the TC_PLUG_RELEASE message and releases the buffered packets. I have the following doubts
1) How does remus ensure that the packets gets buffered for an entire epoch ?
2) If i comment out the lines in the "postsuspend" and "commit" lines of the BufferedNIC class that send the TC_PLUG_CHECKPOINT and TC_PLUG_RELEASE, i see that all the network packets are being buffered and i cannot ping the Remus-protected VM at all. Where is the packet buffering happen if i comment out these 2 lines ?

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