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[Xen-devel] [PATCH 0 of 4 v3] xl: add support for vif rate limiting


This patch series implements the required plumbering for vif rate limiting in 

The first patch (already applied) fixes trivial indentation issues and 
introduces no functional changes.

The second patch (already applied) implements dry-run for `xl network-attach` 
for debugging and testing purposes.

The third patch adds the required plumbering in libxl/xl to add vif rate 
limiting support. It uses the `rate` option syntax from xm/xend, ensuring full 
backward compatiblity.

The final patch adds the "check-xl-vif-parse" test script which tests various 
`rate` syntax.

Changes in v3:
- Move xlu_cfg_init from parse_vif_rate to main_networkattach
- Add xlu_cfg_destroy to main_networkattach
- Use %"PRIuXX" instead of %llu and %lu

Changes in v2:
- Don't default to unlimited in case of overflow/underflow or invalid syntax in 
- Add error handling
- Remove use of matches in regex which weren't used anyway
- Add docs about the syntax
- Add note in docs explaining that limitations are netback implementation 
- Modify test cases according to new behavior


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