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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH] readnote: Add bzImage kernel support

Xuesen Guo writes ("[PATCH] readnote: Add bzImage kernel support"):
> Add the check of bzImage kernel and make it work
> with RHEL 6 bzipped kernels

Thanks for this.  Technically we are in feature freeze but we should
probably make an exception for this.

However, this code will need a thorough line-by-line review as it
is privileged code dealing with potentially hostile kernels, and this
kind of data format unpicking has in the past been the source of bugs
including security vulnerabilities.

So please bear with us while we find time to do that review.

I emphasise that it's no reflection on you or the quality of your
code: any submission which solved this same problem ought to be
carefully scrutinised.


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