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[Xen-devel] Upgrade from xen-4.1-testing to xen-unstable report


This is just my experience about issues I encountered when upgrade
from xen-4.1-testing changeset 23277:80130491806f to xen-unstable
changeset 25191:a95fc7decc83.

1. Immediately after upgrade, xl list show such error:

# xl list
libxl: error: libxl.c:506:libxl_list_domain: geting domain info list:
Permission denied
libxl_domain_infolist failed.

After a reboot, it is fine.  Any idea why such behaviour?  Imagine if
there are running domUs... this might cause issues to shutdown?  I
will downgrade and repeat such test to confirm.  Might be worth a note
in upgrading note about this if this is intended?

2. localtime setting not working.  Set to localtime=1 doesn't seems to
work whereby setting rtc_timeoffset works.  Any idea?

3. xl trigger hvmdomain power still never remove those related
iptables forward rules.  This is the same problem when I test in
xen-4.1-testing.  Refer to
about past report.  When test in xen-4.1-testing, one funny behaviour
is if I start hvmdomain using xm then use xl trigger hvmdomain power
does remove those iptables related rule chain.

I shall do more testing when time permit and sorry if this report is
useless to anyone.


Kindest regards,
Giam Teck Choon

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