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Re: [Xen-devel] Virtualization of the CPU Performance Monitoring Unit

On 08/04/12 07:48, Lin Ming wrote:
2. The PMU project description in the wiki is vague. I know HVM guests
support virtualized PMU. Please check vpmu.c files in /hvm, /svm, and /vmx
directories. You better ask mentors for details (maybe this is XCP
Yes, the description is vague, we should update the page. The idea was to enable users to run hardware profilers in dom0 and in any domU, PV or HVM. This would include implementing what is missing for dom0/PV domains, and to confirm in HVM domains that profilers such as oprofile, hwpmc, intel performance counter monitor at least are running without problems in the existing vPMU implementation. The original idea was to add support to XCP, but please feel free to add support to xen-unstable and the latest linux kernel; XCP will use those at some point.

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