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Re: [Xen-devel] [Xen-users] [REQUEST] Request for Xen Users to Attempt Jean David Techer's Xen 4.2-unstable VGA Passthrough Documentation


i was looking hard to get this thing working, and i somehow manage to get two ATI graphic card working under Windows 7 and Debian 6 DomU,
what i learn from all this trying, that the most important thing is the motherboard!
i had i7 860 with VT-D, but it was hard to find working VT-D motherboard, i try gigabyte P55-USB3 with beta bios from gigabyte and i got working 3D drivers for a few minutes and then the DomU would crash,
then i wanted to try asus, but they said that P55 chipset doesnt support VT-D functions, then i look what David uses and get a MSI motherboard and its default bios has got VT-D to enable/disable
currenty i have:
i7 860
MSI P55 GD85
ATI H6670 - working 3D
ATI H5830 - working 3D
Debian 6.0, custom kernel 3.1
Xen 4.2 unstable ( from repo 2. march? )
Windows 7 64bit - virtual
no extra patches

but how i get it to work is strange, if i enable #gfx_passthru=1 then virtual machine wont start, but if its disabled it starts with virtual graphic and ATI, but with the primary the virtual graphic
and when i install lates ATI drivers and reboot the machine, it use the ATI as the primary graphic and the virtual graphic has ! on it.
i testes with 3D test, even play a game on it, and it works! but as soon i uninstall the drivers it goes back to virtual graphic as primary graphic card.

Best Regards,
Kristijan Lecnik

On Sat, Mar 31, 2012 at 12:49 PM, Pasi Kärkkäinen <pasik@xxxxxx> wrote:
On Thu, Mar 29, 2012 at 06:03:17PM -0500, Wei Huang wrote:
>    On 03/29/2012 04:29 PM, Casey DeLorme wrote:
>      David,
>      XenServer VGA Passthrough requires a paid/licensed copy, which costs
>      $2500, a bit out of my price range for experimentation.  Important to
>      note that the feature is not a part of the 30-day trial license.
>      However, Citrix recently visited my college and I was able to preview
>      hardware access on a laptop one of the employees had, where they swapped
>      between Ubuntu and Windows with a hotkey, and various hardware
>      components including onboard GPU and the WebCam were accessible.
>      In testing XenServer, I can say that if I had a business, that's the
>      product I would use.  In the past month having tried Xen and ESXi, I was
>      astonished with the ease of use for XenServer.
>      As for Catalyst, version 12.2 (the latest currently) worked for me.
>      Important to note that until I followed Andrews advice to omit the
>      Catalyst Control Center, the installation resulted in a BSOD.
>    I saw similar issue whiling playing with XenClient. After discussing with
>    AMD GPU driver team, the conclusion was that the installer has a bug. But
>    I have not received any further update from them. Also manual driver
>    installation (after many tries) did fix problem for me.

Good to know the manual method works.

>      The solution, select "Custom" installation and uncheck the CCC.  After
>      the installation your first reboot should run some follow-up updates via
>      cmd, you need to reboot a second time for fully functional drivers.
>      Also, I had underscan on my monitor so I went out on a limb and re-ran
>      the setup for Catalyst, and was able to get CCC installed with a second
>      run through, which allowed me to fix my underscan issue.
>      My conclusion is that the CCC requires some driver functionality that
>      isn't available until after you install the drivers, this could be on
>      all systems or it might be related to how HVM's handle the PCI devices,
>      that much I can't say.
>      Teo,
>      I could be spouting nonsense, and if so I'm sure Wei can correct me, but
>      I am pretty sure AMD engineers have been contributing to Xen for a
>      while, and some patches have already been applied.  Obviously it isn't
>      flawless, I myself haven't gotten video at boot time, only at the login
>      screen.
>    This is because VBIOS patch wasn't applied. But as I said before, my VBIOS
>    wasn't universal enough to put it as a production patch. So I am hesitant
>    to put it out.

Isn't it better than nothing? More GPU support could be added later?

-- Pasi

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