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Re: [Xen-devel] irq problem with 3.3-rc3 on guest

> >>So how does F17 do it now? Is all in the graphical mode (KMS?) and it never
> >>tries to hit text mode (so plymouth is on by default?)
> >
> >I was probably wrong about that. It was a separate non-kernel bug
> >that was stopping me getting a direct graphical boot. As the
> >backtrace happens some time but not others I am not longer
> >convinced about the graphical vs text boot link. The backtrace
> >occurs before the line
> >Feb 14 20:26:31 localhost kernel: [    2.611366] Console:
> >switching to colour frame buffer device 100x37
> >so it seems to be when the frame buffer first launches.
> >
> >>>somthing happening in the wrong order, such as the framebuffer starting
> >>>before the irq is properly set up.
> >>
> >>Hm, could you instrument xen-fbfront.c and see what the flow is during
> >>bootup and compare that when running it under F16? That might shed some
> >>light on this.
> >
> >I will have a look at what useful debugging I can put into
> >xen-fbfront.c - it might be hard for me to compare it with F16 but
> >the comparsion between a backtrace and non-backtrace boot might be
> >useful.
> My first debugging attempt gives the values
> update_wanted=0 in_cons=0 in_prod=1 width=800 height=600

> just before the crash occurs. I am not sure how useful this is.

So how are you actually trying to install F17?
I tried:
 virt-install --name F17 --ram 1024 --disk /dev/vg_guest/f17_32 --paravirt 
--location http://build/tftpboot/f17-i386/

and it showed the text console, and then rebooted thinking it was complete. 
When using a manual guest config:
append="console=hvc0 loglevel=8 root=http://build/tftpboot/f17-i386";
maxvcpus = 2
vcpus = 2
disk = ['phy:/dev/vg_guest/f17_32,xvda,w']
vif = [ 'type=netfront, bridge=switch' ]
vfb = [ 'vnc=1, vnclisten= ,vncunused=1']

I get this:
  5.680395] Broadcom NetXtreme II iSCSI Driver bnx2i v2.7.0.3 (Jun 15, 2011)
[    5.681923] iscsi: registered transport (bnx2i)
[    5.696419] iscsi: registered transport (be2iscsi)
[    5.763271] dracut: FATAL: No or empty root= argument
[    5.764158] dracut: Refusing to continue
[    5.769524] dracut Warning: Signal caught!
[    5.772973] dracut Warning: dracut: FATAL: No or empty root= argument
[    5.776138] dracut Warning: dracut: Refusing to continue
[    5.782548] init used greatest stack depth: 5480 bytes left
[    5.783425] Kernel panic - not syncing: Attempted to kill init!

so is there a new syntax for the root parameter now that is a LiveCD?

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