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Re: [Xen-devel] Signed GPLPV drivers available for download

Hi James!

glad you ask - because just yesterday i re-tested the 357-version of the 
drivers under Windows7 64bit HVM guest - here are the results:

(everyting in mb/s)

W/O gplpv-drivers and WITH pci-passthrough:

Seq. reading: 311.8
Seq. writing:  106.3
4k    reading: 10.2
4k    writing:   9.3
4k64thread reading: 11.1
4k64threads writing: 10.9

WITH gplpv-drivers and WITH pci-passthrough:

Seq. reading: 98.8
Seq. writing:  31.6
4k    reading: 12.0
4k    writing:  19.3
4k64thread reading: 15.4
4k64threads writing: 29.6

WITH gplpv-drivers and WITHOUT pci-passthrough:

Seq. reading: 104.4
Seq. writing:   85.2
4k    reading:  12.7
4k    writing:   20.4
4k64thread reading: 16.6
4k64threads writing: 32.6

Strange thing is, that even without pci-passthrough the performance with gplpv 
is'nt that much better compared to w/o gplpv but with pci-passthrough - well 
it is overall a bit better, but just a bit, and seq. read performance is much 
i haven't made a test without gplpv and without passthrough at the same time - 
tell me if you want to see how that performs.


P.S.: i'm using phy backend pointing to a LVM device on an SSD for this tests.

Am Dienstag, 27. März 2012, 08:48:55 schrieb James Harper:
> > Am Mittwoch, 14. September 2011, 18:03:04 schrieb Tobias Geiger:
> > > - really better read-performance WITH gplpv, but much worse
> > 
> > > write-performance: here is the performance without gplpv:
> > well, after reviewing my own screenshots i declare even the
> > readperformance gets worse after installing GPLPV drivers, not only the
> > writeperformance...
> > 
> > Any hints on that ?! i remember this not being the case with windows xp
> > iirc...
> That is worrying. What backend are you using in Dom0? file or phy?
> James

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