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Re: [Xen-devel] Build failure in OVMF

At 13:07 +0000 on 22 Mar (1332421679), Attilio Rao wrote:
> Actually CONFIG_OVMF should be disabled by default, can you please check 
> how is in your case?

whitby:xen-unstable.hg$ grep CONFIG_OVMF Config.mk 

  changeset:   25077:6bf50858c3c5
  user:        Attilio Rao <attilio.rao@xxxxxxxxxx>
  date:        Thu Mar 22 10:26:03 2012 +0000
  summary:     Fetch the OVMF repository from specific git mirror and enable it

> Also, did you apply the OVMF v4 patch for enabling the CONFIG_OVMF on?

Nope, AFAICT I have no local patches.


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