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Re: [Xen-devel] Fix off-by-one comparison when using apic_flat mode

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> >>> On 22.03.12 at 10:20, Andrew Jones <drjones@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> First of all, assuming this is intended for the 2.6.18 tree, please
> in
> the future indicate so in the subject.

Yeah, I thought of that right after hitting send. Sorry about that.

> Please clarify your intentions with this patch.

The problem was hit with the bare-metal kernel in another virt
environment. Someone else posted a patch that patched both
the bare-metal and the -xen files for RHEL, and when I saw the
off-by-one was an obvious problem, I didn't look close enough
to see that it was #ifndef XEN. So I guess my intentions now are
there are no intentions. Please disregard, sorry for the noise.


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