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Re: [Xen-devel] Can not boot the OVMF

On 21/03/12 15:36, Bei Guan wrote:
Hi Attilio

I have updated to the upstream Xen and try to boot into OVMF bios. Instead of fetching the OVMF code from the git mirror,  I just copy the OVMF bios to ovmf directory.
I use the bios="ovmf" in the HVM config file. But, there is an error when I create the domain.

root@gavin-laptop:~# xl create hvm_ubuntu.hvm
Parsing config file /root/hvm_ubuntu.hvm
WARNING: specifying "tsc_mode" as an integer is deprecated. Please use the named parameter variant. e.g. tsc_mode="default"
failed to free memory for the domain

Really not, can you try to build the ovmf from the mirror please?

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