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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH] autoconf: change python configure testing

Roger Pau Monné writes ("Re: [PATCH] autoconf: change python configure 
> 2012/3/16 Ian Jackson <Ian.Jackson@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> > What about the copyright notices, etc. ?  Did you strip them out or
> > did it not have one ?
> They are as-is, the included ax_python_devel.m4 has a GPL 3+ licence,
> and I've left the file intact (which has all the license references).

Are we looking at the same file ?

The current xen-unstable.hg tip does not contain a file whose leafname
is ax_python_devel.m4.

It does however contain tools/m4/python_devel.m4.  That does not
contain any copyright or licence information whatsoever and looks
substantially different to the current tip of the autoconf archive's

Where did tools/m4/python_devel.m4 come from ?

> > The autoconf archive is GPLv3+ which is not
> > compatible with our GPLv2-only licence.
> So we can not use this? This license thing is a mess.

We cannot use anything GPLv3+.  When I reviewed your patch I assumed
that the files which didn't have their own copyright comments at the
top were written by you.

If they weren't written by you we need to rip them out immediately,
because they're a grievious licence violation.

When you write your Signed-off-By you're promising that you haven't
stripped off copyright notices!

Also tools/m4/ocaml.m4 has a copyright notice in the header but no

Unless this gets cleared up ASAP I propose to remove all of these
files from tools/m4/ and the corresponding macro calls from


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